Art Among the Blossoms (Feb 25th)

“Our Bi-Annual arts and crafts event. Garden inspired local artist and jewelry makers sell their amazing hand crafted merchandise at the nursery. MEANDER, ADMIRE AND SHOP during our fun free event!


*Winter Blooming Tropicals-Jan 21, 2017 Saturday at 9:30 AM $8- “Low care stunning tropical plants that bloom in our Florida winter season and how to care for them” with Joel T

*Landscaping with Bromeliads- Jan 28,2017 Saturday at 9:30 AM $8- “Tips and tricks for using bromeliads in your garden, pots and trees! ” with Joel T

*Shade Blooming Plants- Feb 11, 2017 Saturday at 9:30 AM $8- “Plants that will bring color to those dark and shady areas of your garden and lanai! ” with Joel T

*Simply Succulents Feb 16,2017 Thursday at 10:00-11:30 AM- “Succulents for the forgetful gardener-a fool proof approach”  Joel T. is giving a seminar for the Educational Garden workshop Series hosted by the Collier County Master Gardeners. The class will be held at Unity of Naples Church 2000 Unity Way 34112$10 to be paid at the door

*Container Butterfly Gardens-Feb 18, 2017 Saturday at 9:30 AM $8-  “How to attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your yard by creating containerized gardens ” with Joel T

*Bromeliad Driftwood Making-February 22nd, 2017 Wednesday at 9:30 AM $40- This class is Hands-on seminar where we will be providing driftwood, bromeliads, airplants,moss and all the necessary supplies as we walk you through step by step to create your own personalized take home driftwood piece(retail value of over $60!). This class will run an estimated 90(+/-) minutes. Class seating is limited in this seminar to only 18 people. MUST PRE-REGISTER FOR THIS SEMINAR (If class seminar is booked a secondary class will be schedule the same day)

*Art Among the Blossoms-Feb 25, 2017 Saturday 10-3PM FREE- “Our Bi-Annual arts and crafts event. Garden inspired local artist and jewelry makers sell their amazing hand crafted merchandise at the nursery. MEANDER, ADMIRE AND SHOP during our fun free event!

*Growing Orchids without pots-March 1, 2017 Wednesday at 9:30 AM $10- ” Creative ways to grow orchids without the traditional pot in the lanai and landscape” with  Mike B/Joel T

*Unusual and Rare Palm trees for the small garden- March 11, 2017 Saturday at 9:30 AM $8- “Rare and unusual palm trees that are a perfect addition to your garden. We will also be covering proper care, trimming and fertilization techniques for palms! ” with Joel T

The fee is $8.00  per garden class and $10.00 for Orchid Classes.

Class seating is limited to 35 people per class.Pre-registration is not required but encouraged as class chairs fill quickly! Pre-registration can be done at the nursery or via phone at (239) 403-4736 with a credit card. Class fee is non-refundable. Registration can be done the day of the class IF  Seating is available.

Carpooling is encouraged as we have limited parking!

If you are a member of a Garden Club or Social Club interested in private “Garden Class” seminars and exclusive shopping events please contact Joel Toledo at Green Door Nursery (239) 403-4736.

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